Miles SchneidermanMiles Schneiderman is a freelance writer and broadcaster with a strong interest in both politics and popular culture. Have recently completed an internship with Yes! Magazine, he is in the process of taking the next step in his career, be it in the world of print journalism or that of audio/visual media storytelling. He also has a strong interest in education, and has been working with kids since 2003.

Miles is an alumnus of Northern Arizona University, where he graduated cum laude and received a Bachelor of Journalism and Political Science with a minor in electronic media and film. He is the former station manager of KJACK, the NAU student radio station, and has extensive experience and skills at audio and video production, as well as on-air announcing for both television and radio.

As KJACK station manager, Miles rebuilt the KJACK music library, pushed for updates to the station’s automation systems, oversaw the development of the highly successful annual KJACK Live Arts Festival, and was the driving force behind KJACK’s successful application for a low-power FM frequency, where it can now be heard as KLJX-LP on 107.1 FM in Flagstaff, AZ. At one point, he was acting as station manager, programming director, and traffic director at the same time. He also hosted or co-hosted five different radio shows during his time at KJACK, including three music programs and two political talk programs. The most notable of these was “The Biased Liberal Media,” one of KJACK’s most successful shows during the three semester that it aired.

While at NAU, Miles was a member of the Golden Key Honor Society and became first treasurer and then president of the NAU Secular Student Alliance. He interned as a producer and occasional guest host on “The Mitch and Joe Show,” later known as “The Joe Harting Show,” a political talk radio program that aired locally on KBTK, 105.1 FM in Flagstaff. After his internship, he was hired part-time by Grenax Broadcasting, mainly doing production work and serving as the studio engineer for NAU sports broadcasts. His political writings appeared weekly on the op-ed page of The Lumberjack, NAU’s student newspaper from January 2013 to May 2014.

After graduation, Miles worked for a school board campaign in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona, before moving to Washington to work with Yes! Magazine. His writing has been published in both the Spring 2015 issue and the Summer 2015 issue of Yes!, as well as on yesmagazine.org. In August 2015, his article “Sad Puppies, Rabid Chauvinists” broke the website’s previous record for most comments. He also served as a proof-reader, fact-checker, editor, and audio producer.

When not working, Miles pursues writing and broadcasting as hobbies, as well. He has served as the volunteer host of “Community Cafe Bainbridge” and “What’s Up, Bainbridge,” a pair of podcasts published by Bainbridge Community Broadcasting (BCB) and has also done audio editing for BCB. He is a regular co-host of the UNspoiled! podcast and the co-creator, host and producer of the Smash Fiction podcast, both of which are available on iTunes. He has been a major contributor of essays, literary analysis and television reviews for Tower of the Hand since 2010, and was one of the authors published in Tower of the Hand’s first book, A Flight Of Sorrows. In 2016, he published another book, It Is Known: Seasons 1-5 Deconstructed, co-written with fellow Tower of the Hand contributor Stefan Sasse.

Miles possesses strong ideological roots in social justice, media reform and environmentalism. Despite his best efforts, however, he remains a sports fan, and an outspoken intellectual proponent of professional wrestling, a passion that led him to become the play-by-play announcer for the Professional Wrestling Club of NAU, host of the NAU student television program “Kick Ax Wrestling”, and ring announcer for the Williams Wrestling Alliance. He was the founder host of the now-defunct Timekeeper’s Table Wrestling Podcast, and most recently saw a wrestling-related article, “The Legacy of Chyna,” published on The Broad-Cast.

In 2016, Miles returned to his hometown of Tucson, AZ, where he continues to make use of his numerous talents while pursuing a career in media.


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  1. Just read your “Magic Mushrooms” essay after I started pondering about the hot pools of Winterfell after reading The World of Ice and Fire and I just want to say thank you for writing that and all of your other awesome SOIAF essays.

  2. Miles: I’m writing to connect with you by email directly as I’ve cited your work in my forthcoming book —

    THE SEVEN MOMENTS or What I learned in a midnight fist fight on a golf green, watching flamingos land in the Andean sunset and shopping for my dying wife’s coffin (with her)

    A Guide to making the Best of the Worst and the Most from the Good (moments, that is)


    I’d appreciate getting your email to communicate about the release and outreach attached to the project including video sessions.

    My thanks for your work and consideration,

    Peter Reese, Tucson AZ USA

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