I am part of three podcasts in different capacities, with a fourth coming soon!

Smash Fiction is a passion project that I started with some friends a few years ago, which has somehow continued and grown into a thing with an actual following! I am a founding co-host and currently one of three editors on the show, though I was the sole editor for the first couple years. Every Sunday, we release one of three episode types:

  • Smash Fiction, a nerd comedy debate show in which we argue about who would win in a contest between fictional characters
  • Extraordinary League, an actual-play RPG podcast in which the hosts play as existing fictional characters
  • Smash Metafiction, a less competitive series of game shows in which we outline a hypothetical screenplay based on fictional characters and elements (Collaboratory), replace the characters in an existing story with characters from other stories and see how they fare (Surprise Party), or put fictional characters into a speed dating scenario and improv how they might interact (Ship Wrecked)

Unspoiled! is a podcast network produced by Natasha Kingston. It incorporates dedicated podcast feeds for numerous fictional properties, each one covered by at least one person who has read or watched it before, and at least one person who hasn’t. I have co-hosted five shows and numerous one-shot podcast episodes on the network. Unspoiled! is a huge undertaking, with episodes of one kind or another coming out almost every day.

The Odyssey Storytelling Podcast is a show that I’m paid to host and produce by one of my regular employers, StoryArts Group. Odyssey Storytelling produces events on the first Thursday of every month, themed storytelling sessions involving 5-7 people from my local community here in Tucson. On the last Friday of each month, I put out an edited recording of that month’s show. On the Fridays in between, I release individual stories from Odyssey’s past.